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'If you can't get hold of me, it's because I'm busy creating something beautiful, for you.'
- Deborah Joan Jones
Singer/Songwriter  Artist  Actress  Poet

Multi-Talented Award Winner


Performer, Classically Trained Singer, Recording Artist,

Designer, Comedian, Comic Writer, Model, Artist, Novelist, Guest Speaker, Composer, Lyricist, Voice Over Artist, Screenplay Writer, Actress, Health, Wellness, Beauty & Fitness Writer,

Human Rights Advocate. In 2020 she started the Mental Health Community, Because Sometimes, and kindness project, Pledge Happiness. 

Copyright 2007-2021 Deborah Joan Jones

All Rights Reserved

Of her most recent rock project, Deborah Joan Jones was songwriter and front person of rock band, Stealing Wishes.


"the music they create together - 

melody-drenched, aching 

melodic rock - is so irresistible.".

British Music Magazine, Classic Rock

Stealing Wishes Deborah Joan Jones David Zychek Texas Show Live Performance
Poetry The Poets Deborah Joan Jones Most anyone is a poet. We, eac f us, dream up new landscapes and thoughtful concepts daily, But, only the few think to write them down. Copyright Deborah Joan Jones 2018

Poetry from free verse to rhymes and limericks, spanning many genres. Covering existentialism, human relations,  love, death, falling down, winning, getting old and growing up. Ranging from beautiful, sexy, humorous, romantic, silly, motivational, light, inspirational feel-good -- to gritty, dark, ominous, hopeless horror. From rich storytelling through verse, to custom poetry as jingles, or slogans for major promotion campaigns.  Deborah Joan Jones is currently completing  a novella in verse, a book for adults inspired by the children's books of Dr. Seuss, a fiction novel, and a collection of her poetry. Check out her latest poem set to her own musical setting composition, 'Media Frenzy vs The Last Good Men', on the News page now.

Commissions by request.

Acrylic, oil or mixed media on canvas and reproduced as giclees or prints. Choose from abstract images such as twinned paintings 'Gilty' & 'Gilty Pleasures' (pictured), to the vibrancy of poster, pop art type nudes as, the 'Goddess' Series.

Commissions upon request via the contact form.

Art by Artist on Display Gilty and Gilty Pleasures Pantings Acrylic on Canvas Copyright Deborah Joan Jones 2018
Deborah Joan Jones Music Video Shoot Letting Go of You Stealin Wishes Shawtime Productions Texas

Classically trained vocalist with diverse performances and written songs, from projects in jazz, blues, rock, folk, pop, country and slam poetry. A prolific songwriter, Deborah Joan Jones has written thousands of songs, worked with multi-platinum award winning producers and made a major contribution as lead songwriter to a grammy award winning song, launching a major artist and selling more than 17 million copies worldwide.

British Music Magazine, Classic Rock, said of her most recent rock project, Stealing Wishes, -- "the music they create together - 

melody-drenched, aching 

melodic rock - is so irresistible.".

Deborah Joan Jones is back in the studio recording. Look out for her new material coming 2021.

The exquisitely bright and daring original artwork of Deborah Joan Jones, lends itself beautifully to an endless array of products, in printed design. Collaborations/commissions by request.

Paintings andttiles By Deborah Joan Jones Circles and From Underneath Acrylic on Canvas
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