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Deborah Joan Jones is one of eight children. Born to an Irish mother and English father, she grew up between the bustling pace of city life in the south of England, and the long summers she enjoyed with her family in Dublin, Ireland, relishing in the freedom of the great outdoors at the holiday home built by her grandfather, in the idyllic seaside settlement of Portrane. While in Dublin, steeped in the rich Irish history of her ancestors, with writing and music in her veins, she learned a respect for traditional music and rhyme. Her great-uncle, Thomas Bryan, also a poet, was one of the Forgotten Ten. A freedom fighter executed by the British during The War of Independence in March 1921. Her parents travelled often on business trips throughout Europe, bringing their children along for educational purposes. During this time, they enjoyed historical and cultural learning through the cathedrals, museums, and galleries of the best that Europe has to offer. Some stand out locations in her travels include Place du Vieux-Marche, famed for Joan of Arc, and the Bayeux Tapestry in Rouen, France. The magical Grotto of Our Lady of Lourdes, France. Cathédrale Notre Dame, and Musée du Louvre Paris, and the many other locations in Spain and the rest of Europe that have lent themselves to the rich and imaginative landscape of ideas that continue to shape her musings. Having learned to read and write by just three years old, and with a strong love for literature, she began writing poetry at an early age, progressing to writing songs by her fourteenth year. Not only a prolific writer of poetry and prose, she is also a painter, composer, actress, classically trained vocalist, and lead singer of Texas based rock band, Stealing Wishes. Having split her time between London, UK and Texas, USA, concentrating mainly on music and songwriting, her diverse interest in the many artistic platforms she creates upon has led her once more back to writing. This year she looks forward to the planning of the release of her fiction novel, ‘The Parted’, a story of identical twins separated at birth and the parallel journey of their lives, along with her first book of poetry, and a young adult fiction storybook in rhyme. She now lives in the USA with her husband and children, and two dogs, Romeo & Juliet and enjoys continuing to create, drawing from the experience gained living in the arms of the three countries she considers home.

Author photo Deborah Joan Jones


You make me feel sadness right through to my core
You raise up my spirits, my soul it does soar
You make me find meaning where once there was none
From when I first met you this love had begun.
You move me to tears and put joy in my heart
The love and the angst, yes, you touch me with art
I come to you when my own efforts they fail
You cry with me, lie with me, tell me your tale.
You take me on journeys as only you can
Your language it speaks unlike any a man
And I listen to you, for I seek out your touch
Unleashing my passions, I crave it so much.
In times throughout life that are precious and dear
Those moments you’re in them, for you too were here.
And memories are conjured when you speak once more
I know I can count on you, honest and sure
You waver not once, always constant, the same
I reach out to listen, you tell me again
And perfect in pitch is your fine melody
Tempestuous, restlessness, loving and sweet
Brooding and moving, compelling my mood
It’s been said of love, dear, that you be the food
So, play on, please, play on, forever be mine
Through overture, aria, ballads divine
Sonata and symphony, movement and mass
Blues, Rock and Reggae, Ska, Jazz and Bluegrass
And all in between, in sweet ways you bring truth
No, you are not just the loud sound of the youth
EDM, R&B, Metal and Trance
You bring out the joy, and you move us to Dance
And we all live our life with our soundtrack, it’s true
Our firsts, through our lasts, in those moments was you
Falling in love, and then falling on out
Our joy and our anger, you know all about
Country, or Dubstep, and Trap, Rap or Pop
I’ll take it, I need it, just please never stop.
Hip Hop, Electro, Alt Rock, symphony
Classical, Latin, or Punk and Indie.
Piano, guitar, keyboards, bass, strings and drums
Bring on the orchestra, load up your guns
As the volleys of cannons they fill up the sky
You capture my soul, steal my breath till I cry.
My harmony friend of my spirit and heart
Your communication, a wonder of art
My soul how it surges, I can’t get enough
Music, my teacher, my liege and my love.

Copyright 2020 DJJ

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